Listen Up Cooties,

Reflecting on the many moments since I accepted the office of Grand Commander MOC of Michigan and tell you it has still been most memorable.  In traveling and representing the MOC through the VFW many comrades and friends have been mostly friendly.

It was not an unusual experience once again to visit a pup tent upon request and find no scratch at the appointed time and place.  When asked or invited to attend a pup tent function I prepare to have a good time.  In doing so I usually have travel a distance from home and take time away from my family, my work or from my VFW volunteer work.  I wouldn't expect anyone to do anymore than I would do.  If you invite someone to attend something it would be only right to be present upon their visit.


This is not just a one-time experience for me.  It has happened on other occasions.  If your pup tent or district is in need of my assistance I personally will make it.  If I'm unable to attend I will make every effort to inform you and get a substitute in my place.  We all have busy lives, let's try to be good comrades and cooties.  Enough!


What have you as Cooties been doing to represent our organization as workers of the VFW first?  This means every VFW member is looking to you.  Yes, they know about the Cooties, so we need to look the part.  Not only in our Post home but to the community in which we live.
Don't waste your time!  You know how busy we are, especially now.  Let's put forth the energy in your VFW Post and help boost the activities by helping out.  Visitations to the hospitals, Convalescent Homes, Comrades and Senior Citizens who need that time of fun and friendship, as a Cootie and a VFW member only you can provide.


If you are not helping at the VFW Post, attending meetings and functions you are not really helping.  Get out into the community, the hospitals and convalescent homes.  Be visible, and you will be seen.  Your comrades will want to be like you, and they will "like you" and what you do.

Help boost your VFW Post's membership program and get your "VFW Booster" reports into the Grand of Michigan.  Remember, "Membership is the life blood of this organization."  VFW first, and then invite the working members of your VFW Post into the "Honor Degree" the Military Order of the Cootie.  Our Pup Tents have got to have new members in order for us to survive.  Why not start by having your Scratches again and having fun.  Have an open Installation of Officers, invite your VFW membership and Auxiliaries.  Show off Your Pup Tent!  Now let's get going and have a real great year again.


Remember our motto:  "Honor -- Loyalty -- Perseverance - and Industry." 
"The Honor Degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars".

Let Me Repeat This:  (Some Cooties didn't get it the first time around!!)
"The Honor Degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars".

Yours in L.O.T.C.S.,
Ernest A. Paulin, Past Grand Commander of MI


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